Teaching at Karma Teachers


Find your life purpose. Be a REVOLUTIONARY Teacher.
EVOLVE your Practice. Become a VISIONARY.






Become a part of a movement. We are changing the face of yoga. Practice compassion. Tap into your most authentic self and let your true colours shine.


Practice Yoga beyond the asanas. Practice the authentic path of Karma Yoga. Find your voice and break from the mold. Opportunities to develop and teach your very own Workshop.


The most rewarding teacher opportunity in the city. If you are passionate about teaching a cause or an audience that is close to your heart you will have the opportunity to reach out to them and develop a specialized class, such as Yoga for Eating Disorders, Kundalini for Mental Health and Addictions. Be inspirational.

To get in the door, subbing opportunities are available and then discuss with us on how you want to change the face of yoga and the world.