Karma Teachers Yogathon {Summer Edition}

Mark it on your calendar. Our next yogathon is scheduled on Saturday, June 9, 2012. It will another exciting event! More details to follow. Stay tuned.

The Footsteps of Mother Theresa by Emerson Lim

8707005When I first moved to the Crosstown area I realized I was geographically sandwiched between the very wealthy and the extremely poor. To my west is Yaletown and the seawall with the luxurious yachts and the million dollar condos to my East is the poorest postal code in Canada with many people pushing shopping carts that contains all of their belongings.

When I accidentally ventured into the East Hastings ,awhile back, I was overwhelmed with fear and discomfort I panicked and I started looking for a taxi. I was embarrassed by my action that I was judging the addicts and homeless and my behavior was unacceptable so the next day I faced my fear with the help of San Miguel my bubbly and cheerful cocker spaniel. He smiles at everyone and does not discriminate. Copying my canine teacher I looked at everyone in the eye and smiled at them and most of them smiled back at me. That day I felt a shift in my heart and made me prepare in running a non for profit organization called karma teachers.

Today after teaching an enthusiastic group of homeless youth I want to share the beautiful energy in my heart and walk on East Hastings with San Miguel. They are getting to know me and my loyal companion. They smile back warmly at me and pet San Miguel. I ran into three nuns from the Mother Theresa convent, they recognized what I was doing and one of them said “Keep up the good work and pray for us.” and I said “Please pray for me.” A part of my meditation and path is to walk occasionally on East Hastings to smile at everyone that I see as a part of my service to others. The smiles that I get back are the most genuine and beautiful expressions of humanity. To think that they are homeless and faced with the burden of addiction, deepest pain and to be able to smile back is a miracle in itself and probably what helped Mother Theresa on her journey. Although I have many millions of steps to take to achieve what she has done and I still have a lot of flaws I find comfort that the path that I am taking is the first steps in practicing compassion. To be on the same street as the nuns of the convent is a great honor and and a very humbling experience of how far I still have to go. I encourage everyone who wants to walk the talk to take an hour of your time and practice smiling to any Being that you meet on East Hastings, the street where the most beautiful transformations can happen.