200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training


Karma Teachers College 200 Hour Teacher Training Program 2017 Dates

The only Federally registered Non Profit Teacher training that provides Full and Partial Scholarships. Registered with both Yoga Alliance and Canadian Yoga Alliance. Passionately and lovingly taught by the most inspiring and  powerhouse faculty team plus Legendary Master Teachers as mentors and guest teachers. The most epic, talked about, groundbreaking, empowering and high quality 200 Hour plus teacher training. Just ask any of our graduates or read below. Our teacher training always fill up and usually has a waiting list. Apply early.

“The best Teacher Training…ever!” – Sandra Sammartino (Founder of Yoga Outreach and Yoga Alliance)
“Healing” ‘”Life-changing” “Game-Changer” “Transformative” “The best decision I have ever made” “Inspiring and highly skilled teachers” “A new benchmark in teacher training.””This training saved my life”


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Toronto July 2017 Intensive                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Vancouver August 2017 Month Intensive                                                                                                                                                                                                          Vancouver September 2017 11 Weekends                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Vancouver September 2017 Month Intensive

All of our Teacher Trainings fill up, please apply ASAP.

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 We are a registered CYA-RYS 200/300/500 with Canadian Yoga Alliance and 200 RYS with Yoga Alliance.


We have 300 and 500 Hours in the works for 2016 and an innovative online learning initiative that is going to be a game changer also on a Karma model of selfless service.

Karma Teachers College is so much more than yoga teacher training. It is life training, warrior training, the training of transformation. It affords you the space to rediscover the beauty and love that define who you really are: strong, beautiful, powerful a unique manifestation of the Source of all things.  You will learn to become a skilled and empowered yoga teacher.

Karma Teachers College, 200 Hour Teacher Training Certification is based upon our intention of promoting acts of selfless giving. From a balanced perspective, we will provide students and aspiring teachers with a solid foundation in both yin and yang yoga. New teachers will graduate with ample skills to bring their unique voice to teaching. Karma Teachers College will support graduates to teach yoga in studios, fitness and community centers, beaches and parks of their choice – anywhere in the world!

The Revolutionary Accredited 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is designed to strip down the barriers you have spent a lifetime building. We use intense asana, experiential philosophy and powerful emotional exercises to train you to become a yoga teacher, not just a teacher of postures. If you choose to join us at Karma Teachers College you will be choosing to become part of a family, a family that goes far beyond the short 200hrs of the training. We offer continuing education, teaching opportunities and amazing support. We understand that the training is just the beginning of your journey, a journey that we are here to support no matter where it takes you. By joining our training you are singing up to experience love in a new way.

No matter who you are or where you come from, once you enter the doors of Karma  Yoga College, you’ve initiated what may be the most important first step of your life. You’re not alone. We aspire to walk that journey with you, to help guide you along the way.

Our training is designed to strip down the barriers you have spent a lifetime building. We use intense asana, experiential philosophy and powerful emotional exercises to train you to become a yoga teacher, not just a teacher of postures.  If you choose to join us at Karma Teachers College you will be choosing to become part of a family, a family that goes far beyond the short 200hrs of the training. We offer continuing education, teaching opportunities and amazing support. We understand that the training is just the beginning of your journey, a journey that we are here to support no matter where it takes you. By joining our training you are singing up to experience love in a new way.

Come join us. We need you.

The Karma Teachers College 200 Hour Faculty and Guest Teachers 
Lead Trainers: Emerson Lim + Kevin Naidoo
Faculty: Tina Pashumati James (Mentor + Vinyasa), Sandra Sammartino  (Senior Advisor + Asanas), Shannon Cluff (Business of Yoga, Alignment, Mentorship), Dr. Geneive Burley (Anatomy), Ryan Stevenson (Ashtanga, Sivananda) ,  Tianne Allen (Restorative Mini Teacher Training) Jolene Bayda  (Yin Mini Teacher Training), Steve Fazzari ( Dharma Lineage), Engel Pherecydes (Pranayama) plus Guest Teachers (Dan Clement, Todd Inouye, Chris Clancy and Jeffrey Armstrong, Kevin Naidoo)

Previous Guest Teachers: Danny Paradise, Reno  Muenz, Danielle Hoogenboom, Farah Nazzarali, Kyira Korrigan, Waylon Belding, Andi Mcdonald + Kandance (Sacred Justice), Raelene Hodgson

*Guest Teachers and Faculty may vary due to location and availability but we are committed to bring you the best that we have to offer.

Program Investment

$ 0.00   Full Scholarship with 200 Karma Hours as an Exchange

$ 1,400.00 – $1,700.00 (With 50 karma hours) Partial Scholarship
$ 1,700 -$2,400.00 (With 30 karma hours) Partial Scholarship
$ 2,400 – $3,500.00 (With 15 karma hours)
$ 3,500.00 (Full Tuition + 40 Days of Transformation)
Interest Free Payment plans are available.

Deposits are non-refundable but transferable.

Tuition Fees over $999.99 becomes a donation to the studio.

seflessgivingOur training melds powerful Vinyasa flow with the principles of Yin. We offer an experiential approach to learning yogic philosophy as well as self-empowering practices. These life changing teachings will alter the way you experience and teach asana, anatomy, alignment, and sequencing. Students can expect to learn the history of yoga, an in-depth understanding of the yogic teachings as well as a thorough grounding in the physical practices of yoga. We explore the use of meditation, mantra and pranayam in both personal practice and in your teaching. This training is inspired by the Karma Yoga Lineage of transcending ones actions and is dedicated to the transformational power of selfless service. This course will prepare you to be a powerful teacher, ready to serve and empower others.

We request that students have been practising yoga regularly for at least six months, and be physically and mentally fit to attend our month-long intensive training.

The main elements of our core curriculum are listed below:

  • Empowering and Experiential Learning
  • Deepen your understanding & experience of Asana
  • Powerful Life-Changing Philosophy
  • Learn to teach with confidence
  • Daily meditation practice
  • Opportunities to observe & assist karma teachers in action
  • Hands on assists and adjustments
  • Explore the personal qualities that make you an authentic teacher
  • The business of yoga, professionalism & Ethics
  • Anatomical exploration
  • 8 Limbs of Yoga – How to incorporate into your daily life on and off the mat
  • Transforming your life with the Yoga Sutras
  • Trauma Sensitive and teaching at-risk youth
  • Teaching practicum including studio opportunity
  • Creative and powerful sequencing
  • Introduction to Rainbow Kids Yoga
  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • Yin Yoga
  • Karma Yoga
  • Ecstatic Yoga

At the end of Karma Teachers College students will be prepared to teach asana classes as well as discuss and instruct the core principles of yogic philosophy. Students will be provided with additional work totalling at least twenty hours of independent studies and readings during the course of the training. Upon successful completion students will receive a graduation certificate as evidence of your training at the 200 hour level and may register with Yoga Alliance at that time as a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 200 level or Register with the Canadian Yoga Alliance. Our training meets and exceeds the requirements of Yoga Alliance.

Reading List to be read prior to training:Yoga Sutras by Swami Satchidananda
Karma Teachers training manual which will be provided at the beginning of the training, cost of the manual is included in the training fee.


Testimonials from our Graduates:

“There are no words. No way to describe how deeply Karma Teachers has touched me. I see it in all the people around me, all the people that Emerson comes in contact with. Something has shifted in me since Emerson and the Karma Teachers family have come into my life. I have watched rebirths that have moved me to tears, I have watched people grow in mind, body and spirit and I feel connected to them all. I have challenged myself in every way possible, and if I could do it all over again I wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you Emerson for changing the world and for helping us change the world!” ‪#‎karma revolution‬ – Sharee D. Vancouver Graduate 2015

“Karma Teachers is much more than a YTT – it’s a trauma-sensitive LIFE program which calls on you, the author of your own life story, to compassionately explore your most veiled and concealed core wounds so that you may heal and forgive, and thereby be facilitated on your journey of conscious growth through darkness towards light where you may authentically serve others. We are both light and darkness, and it is through this YTT you come to better recognize, understand, and appreciate all dimensions of yourself – perhaps even meet yourself for the very first time, as I did. That too, in a safe and warm house of healing with an extraordinary and unbreakable support system… Support, radiating with love and light. That’s what I found in every single soul that I met in this program.

Emerson Lim. What can I say about this extremely inspirational and beautiful being who instantly saw my light, despite torrential layers of deep darkness, angry bitterness, numbing doubt, and crippling fear? The one who selflessly gave me a chance to nourish my soul and tend to my wounds that had been neglected for decades? What can I say about the man who unwaveringly held onto me when I felt myself sinking through layers of suffocating quicksand? Never having been able to trust others prior to this training, that too a man, Emerson made me feel safe and protected from the first moment I saw him, where he became the foundation of strength and courage I so desperately needed. From that moment forward, he stood by me as I faced agonizing fears and paralyzing memories, and guided me safely through the dark mazes of my mind that had been holding me prisoner. His genuine love and compassion became my anchor, and guided me safely to the harbours of a new beginning. If I’m here today and able to breath the beauty of life, it is because of the strength Emerson helped me uncover within myself.

Emerson has skillfully put together an inspirational and revolutionary program like none other. He’s selflessly changing lives, with the humble desire of fueling a worldwide movement based on the pillars of love and light, one that breaks all illusory boundaries of duality through selfless service. We truly are one, and Emerson has proven it. I feel blessed to be a part of this compelling and powerful movement, one which has allowed me to reunite with the little girl that I had lost many years ago. With a long path of healing and discovery still ahead of me, I now walk this path with patience, trust, and confidence – knowing that I am no longer alone, and no longer a helpless prisoner. Thank you Karma Teachers. The greater the darkness, the brighter the light. And together, we’ll shine.

And you, reading this… If you’re reading this and wondering if this course is for you, believe me – it is. You’re not reading these reviews by ‘accident’. We all found our way to Karma Teachers not by chance, but rather, destiny. Take a chance. Let this be the first of many doors that begin flying open for you – that’s right, FOR YOU, because you deserve transformation and transcendence no matter what the pain of yesterday tells you. You matter. You’re needed. Even if you may not feel it, you are love and you are light. You are greatness… Patience and trust will guide you, and so will the Karma family.” G. Singh (Toronto 2016 Graduate)

“Karma Teachers has Teachers Trainings in both in Vancouver and Toronto, and I very highly encourage anyone and everyone to take part if you can. This revolutionary program is not just about doing the Asana (movements), you also gain tools on how to heal your trauma, how to build a community, and sooooooo much more. Four months prior to starting my Yoga Teachers Training with Karma Teachers I was homeless and hopeless. I had once again became powerless over my addiction. Through the grace of a Power greater than myself I was able to reach out for help and start back on the path of recovery. I am forever grateful to Karma Teachers – I am not the same person I was a month ago. I have so much more peace, love, contentment and compassion for myself and everyone else. I am not my story. I am grateful for all of my experiences as they may help someone else one day, as long as I keep sharing when the moment arises.

I will be taking some of my teachings and combining them with my passion for non-profits, and working with at-risk youth and addicts. I am starting to develop a program which takes my yoga teachings and my nutrition background so they can be brought to anyone who is marginalized and in need of help. I also plan to start teaching women in prisons as soon as I can complete that training. I know that if I can do it, anyone can.” Christy Gray – Toronto 2016 Graduate.

” I am filled with emotions as I confront my innermost, repressed, and shame-filled demons. This experience is teaching me how to embrace compassion as an integral healing tool for myself. I don’t use these words lightly, but I do truly believe that this training is revolutionary, as I’m sure the work of Karma Teachers in Vancouver – on unceded coast salish territories – is as well. This experience has made me believe in the power of the yogic philosophy to change this world. Our teachings in this training center around integrating trauma-sensitive techniques, accessibility and social justice activism into our yoga practice and teaching. The practice of asana, which has dominated mainstream consumer-based yoga, has such ancient and profound lineage – the philosophy of which can help us transform ourselves and the world around us. I am filled with gratitude for the 18 other students/teachers on this journey with me and to Emerson Lim Yoga and Rachael Fallon for creating the first genuinely safe space I’ve ever seen and for supporting me through this beautiful and painful experience. Namaste.” Kayley Marsh January Toronto 2016 Graduate

” I found out about Karma Teachers through my first yoga teacher, the amazing Chris Clancy, who is part of the Karma Teachers faculty and a bright and shining light in my life and the yoga community. The more I found out about Karma Teachers and its founder Emerson Lim, the more I knew this was the place for me. After serving the rare disease community for over a decade, I was drawn to Emerson’s passionate desire to selflessly serve the yoga community with a generous heart and an emphasis on the REAL benefits of yoga.

My experience during the April-June 2015 Karma Teachers teacher training program was totally transformational – it provided a supportive, safe space for me to delve deeply into myself and set me on a path of introspection and growth that will last my lifetime.

The quality of the instruction was second to none. Not only were Emerson’s philosophical teachings profound, inspiring and from the heart, but Michael Olivotto’s technical asana instruction helped me understand the details of alignment and the subtle aspects of teaching poses with integrity and purpose. We were blessed by too many incredible guest teachers to name, but they included the aforementioned Chris Clancy (Tensegrity), as well as Dr. Geneive Burley-Howes (Anatomy), Shannon Cluff (Business of Yoga), and yoga masters Sandra Sanmartino and Tina James. And we were also blessed by each other: the community we built as students is one I will cherish forever. The teacher training was so filled with education and inspiration that it will certainly take years to integrate it all into my own teaching…but the best part is that I’ve begun! KTT gave me the tools and confidence to share my love of yoga with others. And it’s a beautiful thing.

The reason Karma Teachers has grown into a movement that is spreading far and wide is that both Michael and Emerson lead with love. Their light is radiant. Let it shine on you!” Kirsten Harkins (2015 Vancouver Graduate)

“Lead Teacher Testimonials: Emerson Lim:Visionary, big-heart, giver, and a leader amongst leaders because Emerson Lim knows how to serve. This man is the real deal in a day and age where “likes” and “selfies” fabricate popularity but not necessarily authenticity … The word upon the wind is true Emerson Lim is a revolutionary; gathering, empowering, motivating and enriching the lives and experiences of men and women who feel the call and are currently in the service of others…I am forever full of gratitude and service towards Emerson and his amazing team at Karma a Teachers, I’m honoured to be a part of the Karma Tribe popping up with selfless(I prefer to call it self-full) service – fulfilling the lives of others myself included.

Michael Olivotto:This prodigy understands the phenomena of the science and the world of yoga, and is gifted to succinctly convey the nuances that any one can breathe their breath into. Michael Olivotto is a teachers teacher, a students teacher; humbly serving you based on where you are, and where he instinctively senses you have the potential and readiness to explore…I am forever richer, wiser, and a better being for having learned under your tutelage…your comprehension, demonstration, and stillness is bar none.” – Hector Johnson (2015 Graduate)

“It started as a vague wish on my vision board – I want to do a yoga teacher’s training. The wish was not – I want to be a yoga teacher, the wish was about doing the training. I couldn’t explain at the time why that felt like something I needed to do in my lifetime. Now I understand.  Whether you want to become a teacher or not – the training is about immersing yourself in life, in love  – letting your wounds go, letting your fears disperse and seeing yourself and others appear as re-emerged essence of one. I am beyond me. I am one. Thank you for this extraordinary experience. It is truly priceless! Thank you for bringing me back on the path to myself.”  Momo Pino (2015 Toronto Graduate)

“I can’t say enough good things about Karma Teachers. In one short month of Teacher Training they transformed lives, gave us hope, sparked a light and then helped us to fly. It was one of the most intense, beautiful experiences of my life. The partial-scholarship they provided for me enabled me to participate and get trained. I couldn’t have done it without the financial help. As a new mom, my project (work) had ended right when I gave birth and with crazy child care costs, there was no way I would have been able to afford the full cost of the training. With Karma Teachers however, I was able to access yoga and be part of the karma revolution movement. The Yoga Teacher Training is far more than just asana and anatomy teachings. I walked into my training the first day with a group of strangers. By the end of the training, I left with a family of love. With Emerson and Michael’s guidance, I, along with the other teachers, were able to demonstrate the skills we learned in a loving and supportive manner. We learned by example. Emerson and Michael gave so much love and support that it allowed us to see what it took in being a good teacher. They were non-judgmental, loving, funny, real and just a beam of light. And that light washed away many of our own darknesses.

Now the love and support did not stop when the one-month training ended. Emerson and Michael continued to mentor us after we were done by providing a studio where we could teach and give back. They made us accountable and responsible for our actions by giving us a 40-day yoga challenge. This accountability allowed me to really own my own light. I continue to practice yoga daily and it has been 60+ days since my yoga training has ended. In addition, Karma Teachers provided us a closed Facebook group where we can continue to support each other. That support lives on and it is so nice that we can approach our Karma Teachers at any time. Whether it is a partial scholarship or a full-scholarship, Karma Teachers is absolutely fantastic in making yoga accessible to everyone!! This is incredibly necessary for the whole world. It is a movement like no other. Due to their unconditional kindness through the training and the challenge, I am now teaching yoga to others, giving back to the community and teaching at a love-based studio. Emerson and Michael’s teachings live on inside of me as I continue to deliver heart-based yoga and help shed a little light to others like I have received from Karma Teachers. I am proud to be a Karma Teachers graduate. I not only understand yoga better, but I understand love a whole lot more. And that has transformed my life.” – Ashima Suri (Toronto Graduate)
“I am deeply grateful, thankful and appreciative for the transformational journey I experienced with the Karma Teachers College. I feel so blessed and grateful to Emerson and April for creating such an amazing, profound, life-changing, transformative course and experience. The teachers and beautiful souls that shared with us and empowered us is amazing. This course is created in love from the heart and I have been awakened on a whole new level. I connected with my family, my tribe and the support and love we share for and with each other is so deep and beyond what words can express. Wow. This is an experience I would recommend to anyone to boost confidence, break down personal barriers and allow for your unique authentic light to shine bright. I feel deeply empowered, loved, supported, confident and excited to share my passions, bliss, and knowledge with the world and with everyone on my path. The best part is, this is just the beginning!! Give 100% and you will receive infinite blessings. I have fallen in love with life all over again. In love, light, and blissful service,” Melissa (2014 Vancouver Teacher Training Graduate)

“I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to do my 200 hr teacher training with Karma Teachers. From day one I felt loved and accepted by the teachers and my fellow students who instantly felt like long time friends. Going into the program I was overwhelmed with fear that I may not have what it takes to be a teacher. I was immensely inspired by the community who encouraged me not only to be myself but also to shine as a prospective teacher. The wealth of knowledge I gained in the program gave me great insight into yoga and my potential for teaching. This program has nurtured my soul on such a deep level. I would highly recommend training with Karma teachers if you’re looking to expand your heart out to others, find peace within yourself and ground yourself in spiritual philosophy. “- Zoe Lee (February 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training 2014 Graduate)

“There are no words. No way to describe how deeply Karma Teachers has touched me. I see it in all the people around me, all the people that Emerson comes in contact with. Something has shifted in me since Emerson and the Karma Teachers family have come into my life. I have watched rebirths that have moved me to tears, I have watched people grow in mind, body and spirit and I feel connected to them all. I have challenged myself in every way possible, and if I could do it all over again I wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you Emerson for changing the world and for helping us change the world!” ‪#‎karmarevolution‬
Love love love, Sharee Dubowits (April 2014 200 Hour Yoga Teacher training Graduate)
“I knew that this training was going to offer a diverse array of instructors and experiences–that is why I chose this training over others. What I didn’t realize was the depth to which we would explore our own selves and yogic philosophy. This training is so much more than I ever could have imagined.
The teachers and students that Karma Teachers has gathered together have the vision to bring true yoga far beyond the confines of any studio. We are learning how to become servants to others by working on ourselves first. What a transformative gift. ” – Katherine Wilson

“Karma Teacher Training is a transformational journey that deepens the soul and softens the heart in order to create the space within to reach your truth. Throughout the course I have felt empowered to believe in myself more and realize that I can make a positive impact through yoga; that I have what it takes to become a teacher. Thank you to the Karma Teacher Tribe for your love and devotion.”- Sophia Kebede
“Karma teachers is an absolute revolutionary yoga home. It is humble, honest, beautiful and sacred. It has brought the soul of yoga into a concrete jungle. I felt immediately accepted, supported and loved the minute I connected with Emerson. Every teacher thereafter has been the same. Joining the teacher training has only solidified that Karma teachers is the right place for me and is most likely the right place for most people! Subtle and profound healing happens with Karma teachers and will continue to do so as long as it is around. Probably longer since it is so sincere and deep!
Thank you Karma teachers for meeting me where I was at and showing me where I could be.”  Sara Montgomery Vancouver Teacher Training Grad 2014

“The program was challenging at times, opportunities were created for me to face my fears, see unfiltered the tendencies and habits that have limited my freedom. Tiredness, doubts, intense feelings of purposelessness, cravings, boredom, I had to be with a rainbow of emotions and feelings. As hard as they were, I showed up week after week because there was love here, teachers that were present through every step to serve us unconditionally, hold our hand and walk us through the fire of this body-mind complex.
This teacher training was born from a pure intention to love, heal and empower and the intention was powerful beyond measure. It held us all together, shed light on our darkest secrets and melted them in asanas and hugs.
Emerson embodies acceptance, love and patience. In his relationship with us, in his words, in his teachings and his presence. I witnessed him interact with a variety of students, from different paths in life, seeking different things, facing different challenges. He held them all equally, with sincerity and patience, gave each one the utmost respect and the opportunity to be heard. In the presence of such a strong and pure intention of love, one has no choice but to melt, drop their walls and shine in one’s own flavor of divine love. I am blessed to be in the presence of such a soul and share in his time, love and light.
Michael is a warrior, a powerhouse of energy and balance but with a smile. This comes across as the first thing in his teachings and technique. He often sheds light on the foundation of each asana, the grounding element the can effortlessly bring about beauty and balance. Knowing Michael, being his student reveals the secrets to the essential element of yoga – Heart. In the practice of asana and also in the practice of being a human being, Michael is a rare teacher that understands and embodies the principles of the yogic practice. His energy can push one to become strong and balanced from the ground up. The same energy is also kind, loving, joyful and childlike. In the most intense of practices his ‘don’t take yourself too seriously’ theme offers wisdom and understanding to rise above the stresses of life and be free.” – Karthik Chatapuram Vancouver Yoga Teacher Training 2014

“To anyone considering future Karma Teachers trainings, I say this: I have never, in any other learning environment, felt more empowered to explore my own limits, to ask for help, and to stand strong in my vulnerability with the certainty that I would be supported by my mentors and peers. This training is a sensitive organism, and what you give to it, you will receive back exponentially. This stuff is pure magic, and I hope to see its spirit spread all over the world.To everyone involved in my training – mentors, guest teachers, and students – I put my forehead to the ground for you. Infinite blessings for continued growth toward your highest potential! Namaste.” – Juniper Quin

“Real, raw, truth. I came to Karma Teachers with an intention to deepen my understanding of embodying yoga. This opened me to facing, feeling and owning some of my deepest emotions. The experience and engaged learning of the teacher training created a climate in which to explore multi-levels of healing and growth through connection.
Through my experience with the teacher training and I have become aware of deep levels of healing that are being integrated and being brought to present.
The connection and support of the teacher training provided a transcendental experience through a muti-layering and multi-faceted approach through which there is potential to explore many perspectives and opportunities for healing, transformation and growth.
I feel so grateful for Karma Yoga, as well as for the Teacher Training and for the journey and discovery of healing within our community.” Frieda Liapis (Vancouver Teacher Training 2015 Graduate)

““I have been waiting fourty years for this one month.” This was the testimonial I gave verbally to Emerson on the day of my graduation from the one-month intensive 200-hour teacher training in January 2015, and I meant it with all my being! “Karma teacher training transformed me, changed my perception of my existence and saved my life.” This is something that I have said everyday from about day 3 on. The experience that I had created in my life was so different then the one my heart and soul wanted to create. Mental health issues and addictions had driven almost all of my familial and personal relationships. I grew up in a fear based home but I also grew up knowing that I was loved and that unity was first and foremost as was service to humanity – a dichotomy I had yet to understand. “ You are not your story, your thoughts or your feelings”.  These were gems that both Emerson and Michael reminded us of routinely. I remember that first day of training. We started off with a meditation I couldn’t silence my fears in and an asana practice that literally brought me to tears. I felt like a farce, a poser, and an intruder unworthy of the scholarship Emerson had provided. The first weeks were so emotional. There were times I cried out of sadness, others out of frustration and sometimes out of habit. Out of habit? Wow! That was an amazing discovery for me. There came a point in training where I was tired of feeling like a victim, tired of being a victim, tired of acting like a victim. I began to ask myself what I was crying for. How were my tears and pain helping me anymore? It was time to stop feeling so much and to start taking more action. “Your pain is just lessons, only hold onto it as long as you need to.” This was one of the messages that Michael gave as he guided us from yoga doers to yogis. I still cry sometimes but I have learned to love those tears and the release and revelations found in the space where they were generated. We have all found ourselves struggling along our path at some time in our lives. We have all looked for the lifeboat to save us when we felt we were drowning. What I learned is that we possessed our own lifeboat all along  – yoga showed me that and Karma Teacher training brought me to its door, walked me in and showed me the space that was always there waiting for me. I entered that studio on the first day with very little yoga experience having spent most of my previous years in my house, shades drawn, sedentary and eating my emotions away. I walked out one month later a yoga teacher.” – Meaghan Donnely (Vancouver Graduate)

The Truth Will Set You FreeA little over a month ago, I embarked on a spiritual journey. I felt I had been tumbling through a downward spiral of anger and bitterness, thinking that the world was out to get me and I knew if I didn’t take drastic steps that I would be stuck in that mental prison permanently. I was scrolling through Facebook one day, sometime before Christmas and I came across an ad from Karma Teachers. Something just told me to e-mail them and I’m so glad that I did. Logically, there were so many reasons that I felt like I shouldn’t take a whole month to do something like this. It felt purely selfish. I should be job hunting, I should be trying to figure my life out. I thought of every reason not to, but a little voice in my head whispered “do it.”
I had been practicing hot power yoga (Baptiste) for a few years, and like a lot of people I became addicted to the sweat and the workout. I had compartmentalized yoga and spirituality as separate because the power yoga gave me a great workout, but I never felt like I had enough time to explore my feelings and thoughts as we moved quickly through the poses, not to mention I was doing a lot of the key poses incorrectly. Deep down I knew that this was a perfect example of how yoga has been bastardized in the West. We are all about the workout here, with maybe a little sprinkle of diluted spirituality. Nevertheless, I stayed with my studio and continued to search elsewhere for my spiritual needs. Along came Emerson and Michael, just in time to shake up my world and restore my faith in humanity. There was no way I could have prepared myself for this course. My heart was cracked wide open and I feel like I’m still mid-surgery but now armed with the tools to repair and strengthen myself. It’s a very interesting dichotomy because, you will find yourself suddenly plummeting down your path to self discovery, kicking your demons aside as you go along within a wonderful supportive community of new friends. But at the same time, the journey is truly your own. Emerson and Michael were there to gently guide and listen to me, but they left enough space for me to explore and come to my own realizations about life and what I was running from and where to go next.
The beautiful thing about Karma Teachers is that they’re not interested in pumping out more run of the mill yoga teachers. They really know how to help you peel back the layers and discover your own truth, your authentic self and then to let you shine it as brightly as possible. It is the real deal. You will be given permission to forge your own path, with the knowledge that you have full control over your life. All that they ask of you, is that you be true to yourself, never stop learning because the ego suddenly says “I know it all,” and to spread light and love wherever you go.
I feel so incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to do this revolutionary teacher training, and I hope it keeps growing and growing.” Jen Jen Wallace (Toronto Graduate)

“Karma Teachers is the epitome of what yoga is. It gives and keeps giving. It is hard to describe the love that comes from that studio. You can feel the selfless generosity and the unending positive energy from the teachers and students that arrive at the mat. Karma not only provides yoga to those that need it, and we all need it, but also a place for the teachers to spread their love of yoga. As a new teacher, I am always looking for places to teach. Karma Teachers again works on trust and love. They did not ask for insurance, certificates, waivers or where and how long have I been teaching. All they want to know is that you want to teach what you love and believe in the absolute healing powers of yoga.
Karma Teachers is now spreading their selfless generosity to my daughter. She is interested in taking her teacher training in the coming months. Again, Karma Teachers has extended their generosity to us and providing a subsidy for the training. Without their help, it would not be possible for my daughter to take the training. This training will completely transform her life at a time when she is confused. It will also enable her to spread the benefits of yoga to yogis and future yogi’s.
It would be hard to measure the ripple effect of Karma Teachers because there are so many lives that have been touched. But be assured that because of Karma Teachers, many lives have been saved and about to be saved.” – Dolly Araquel

“Karma Teachers truly was what I was waiting for! Prior to my yoga teacher training, I had great doubts about my abilities. I was in process of a long recovery from a stroke; still working on developing speech (compensated a year earlier), and re-claiming strength in my body. I started practicing yoga on my own but I knew I needed support to get stronger and to follow my biggest wish in my heart – to be a teacher and help others! When I found out that Karma Teachers were planning to offer a 200 Teachers Training in Toronto in August 2014, I pounced on this opportunity right away. No other location in Toronto would offer such an afforable program. I was in a really tight spot financially so I knew this was my only chance! I wrote to Karma Teachers and shortly after my wish was granted! The Founder, Emerson Lim, was extremely warm on the phone and extended a partial scholarship to make it even more accessible for me to participate. I will always be grateful for this opportunity. Karma Teachers Trainer, Michael Olivotto, is strong and he is such an inspiration to anyone who wants to attain the same strength in themselves. He taught us Asana but more than that. He challenged our abilities, taught us how do less with a greater return; understanding the anatomy and honouring the process in practice when limitations arise. Emerson’s philosophical lessons put me on the right path to understand myself better, mind and soul, and his Ecstatic Yoga was also extremely important for me. Being a very musical person, this practice allowed me to shut down any judgement toward myself. This was the first time (probably since I was a child) to sing without judging myself. During this stage of my life (with limitations from the stroke – saying the wrong words) had been blocking my communication…..but Ecstatic Yoga allowed me to sing from my heart and doing it with others through movement. The support from peers and “letting it go” was the liberation. I also appreciated that Karma Teachers partnered with Rainbow Kids to offer a workshop for the trainees throughout the 200 hours. It was nice to bring in a new flavour to our practice; encouraging us to look outside of the box. Showing us that yoga can be anything you can imagine! Both Emerson and Michael are very supportive and are full of love. They encouraged all the trainees to open up with each other; sharing profound experiences, fears and dreams. We became family, united, and believe in each other. They’ll always be close to my heart. We need a location in Toronto for Karma Teachers to call home!” Valerie Mclean Risewise Yoga (Toronto Graduate)

“If you are entering or feeling like entering into a physical and spiritual transformation, consider Karma Teachers Intensive Yoga Teacher training here in Toronto in June! Two of my most powerful Yoga mentors will give you an experience that will change the trajectory of your life. I was fortunate enough to receive so much from this Teacher Training and they will give you everything they have in order to help you find and use your strengths and release into the world all of your inner beauty.” Karrie Sanford Toronto Graduate

“Karma Teachers…I could go on and on and write every inspiring and transformative cliche in the book and although it would be all true – Karma Teachers is definitely not a cliche experience.

By some meant-to-be power of the universe, I was scrolling through my Facebook page and I usually skip through the “suggested pages” but something about Karma Teachers caught my eye. It seemed too good to be true – FREE or by donation yoga and full or partial scholarships for teacher training. I thought this was too good to be true. I had been practicing yoga for over 10 years and although I fall in and out of practicing regularly, yoga is an important part of my life. I always seem to gravitate to yoga when I’m stressed, lost, overwhelmed or just need some time for me. I have considered taking a teacher training course in the past as well, but never had the time for the commitment.

I expected that we would learn the poses and yoga philosophy, but what I didn’t expect was the immediate feeling of belonging. Emerson and Michael approached every aspect of the program with patience and compassion. When I was scared they gave me courage, when frustrated they were always ready to give hugs and when I cried they were there to wipe away my tears. Again it all sounds cliche, but Karma Teachers is REAL! It is so good it is TRUE!

What I learned in my four weeks with Karma Teachers has changed my outlook on life – I try hard everyday to live a life of compassion and to always reflect on the “oneness” of the universe. I can add more cliches….

Karma Teachers saved my life. Karma Teachers ROCKS!

Karma Teachers is EPIC!” – Ethel Toronto 2014 Graduate

“In a society flooded with “first world problems” Emerson Lim weaves real life issues and personal experiences together with ancient yoga philosophy to teach us that there is no problem that we can’t overcome with regular self reflection and meditation. He uses team building exercises to create applicable guidelines (daily yamas and niyamas) for a healthy modern life. Through the translation of the eight limbs of yoga and with the filling of our own personal “toolboxes” for future use he is building a community of continually adapting yoga teachers of selfless service and love. He steers students away from the common mindsets of competitiveness, judgement, and excess and instead teaches students the true meaning of yoga- which simply means union, or to unite. Through this sometimes painful process of letting go, dropping the masks and living in the present moment we realize that we don’t need to look outside of ourselves for gratification. That each one of us is enough, that each one of us has our own unique gifts to give. He is quickly spreading the word that yoga is here to stay, accessible for everyone on their own personal path. It was truly an eye opening journey, and a never ending lifelong practice. I sincerely hope for the opportunity to continue to work alongside, to learn and be inspired by Emerson Lim.” Kristal Malli Vancouver Graduate 2015


Cancellation Policy

  • Deposits are non-refundable.
  • Any cancellations made once the program has started will be subject to a $500 administration fee.   The amount returned will be less the $500 administration fee/non-refundable deposit and then pro-rated based on the number of days attended.

Payment Plan:

  • Interest free payment plans are available upon request to suit your needs.
  •  The balance may be paid in full at any time.   Certification for the program will not be issued until the balance has been paid in full and all requirements have been completed.




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