Karma Teachers™ Centre for Yoga and Meditation: Open to the Public!
Offering free or by donation yoga classes to promote the act of selfless giving.



intentionsKarma teachers is a group of yoga teachers committed to selfless action and giving back to community. Our teachers are passionate about yoga and sharing its many benefits. By imparting yoga knowledge, we are helping to enhance the lives of others and especially those living in our community. We make yoga accessible to those groups that might not otherwise have an opportunity to participate in yoga classes.
missionOur mission is to share the benefits of yoga and enhance people’s lives while encouraging selfless action. Our mission is to build community and encourage selfless action through sharing the benefits of yoga.
dreamTo open a Karma Teacher Centre in major cities around the world so that we can share this inward revolution of selfless giving. This dream is beginning to take flight Karma Teachers Mexico opened early 2013 and we have inquiries from all over the world. To start or request Karma Teachers in your city, please email info@karmateachers.com so that we can share the love.




We invite you to come to our studio, meet our teachers, and discover your way of giving.